Over the past 25 years of its business operation, Better Pharma Co.,Ltd has always adhered to its operational determination under the word �Quality�. The Company has realized the significance thereof and has begun to apply the international standard system to its production process.

Therefore, the manufacturing plant of Better Pharma Co.,Ltd has become the first manufacturing plant of medical supplies and supplementary food products for animals in Thailand that has been accredited under the good manufacturing practices(GMP) by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA), Ministry of Public Health; and has become the first manufacturing plant of medical supplies for animals in Thailand, Which has been totally accredited under ISO 9001 : 2000.

Moreover, it has been accredited under GMP and HACCP standards by the Department of Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives; and accredited under ISO/IEC Guide 17025 Standard by the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health. With standard systems being accredited to the Company, the Company is able to guarantee that all products of Better Pharma Co.,Ltd are of good quality and meet the international standards.

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